Top Places to Date Trans people in Frankfurt : Trendy places, Bars & Clubs

Different people have different gender, orientation, views and beliefs. Not minding your location in Frankfurt, the LGBT society there is always open to these diverse perceptions. They offer several avenues to build long-lasting friendships and social relations for fun.

There are so many classy, trendy bars and places to meet with bisexuals, trans-genders, lesbians, queers and gays in Frankfurt.

Local networks to meet trans people in Frankfurt

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10 places to Meet Transsexual Woman in Frankfurt

Birmingham Pub

Birmingham Pub is a beautiful traditional British styled pub. It is a side hub for gay crowds at night. They offer drinks and music.

BattonnstraBe 50, 60,311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany


This is a home to young LGBTs in Frankfurt. It is finely lit with neon-pink lights to spice up the night. They offer cocktails, bar and live DJ performances.

Alte Gasse 34, 60,313 Frankfurt, Innestadt, Germany

Comeback Bar and Lounge

This is a gay bar and lounge that offers live performances, drinks, dancing and late-night hang-overs.

Alte Gasse 33, 60,313 Frankfurt, Innenstadt, Germany

Zum Schwejk

Zum Schwejk is a gay bar which has a friendly German feel. They have lots of traditional music, drinks, hit hip-hop jams and interesting DJ performances.

Schafergasse 20, 60,313 Frankfurt am Main, Germany


This is a classy and attractive gay-friendly hub with a buzzing bar and outdoor coffee place. They offer cocktails, drinks and delicious cakes.

Große Friedberger Strasse. 26, 60,313 Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Switchboard is an exclusive meeting place for transgender men and women for food, drinks and serene atmosphere. It opens between 2 pm and runs till 7 pm or midnight on specific days.

Alte Gasse 36, 60,313 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Lemon Cafe and Bar

This is a famous fresh coffee and cocktail LGBT place in Frankfurt. It has fascinating displays and serene environment to aid relaxation and fun.

Mainzer Landstrasse 304, 69,326 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Bar Central

Bar Central is a great mixed-crowd lounge that serves a variety of beers, cocktails and jazz music. Its location makes it popular as one of the places with good beers and nice people.

Elefantegrasse 13, 60,313 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

La Gata

This is a legendary exclusive all women fizzy bar. It has been in existence for more than 30 years. They offer live concerts, cocktails drinks, and more.

Seehofstraße 3, Frankfurt am Main, Germany


A cozy bar and pub with an airy, comfy space. At Tangerine, you are offered sparkling wines and other drinks along with soft hit jams.

Elefantengasse 11, 60,313, Frankfurt, Germany

Where to Meet a Transexual Woman in Frankfurt ?

Frankfurt is a cozy, hospitable and beautiful city with a number of fascinating LGBT clubs and hang-overs. These include places like rustic bars, nightclubs, eateries, cocktail joints and live concerts.

If you are introverted, Frankfurt has safe places where you can hook up with women for a one-night stand, strip dance and relationship.

Going out is a way to meet people not always easy for shy people

Going out is one of the ways to meet new people. You can get to interact and connect with people who have the same gender orientation with you. However, shy and introverts find this difficult.

This is because they are not comfortable in crowded places and like their privacy. They are usually more comfortable using online dating sites. You may decide to make use of dating sites to make things easier for you. Frankfurt welcomes all LGBTs searching for a trendy, lively and fizzy city to explore and have fun.

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