What you should know before dating a transgender woman !

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    What you should know before dating a transgender woman !

    If you are a transgender man or cisgender male attracted to transgender women, you will have questions that need answers. Some men are obsessed with transgender women and may want to use them for an experiment that grants their wild fantasies in bed. That’s wrong.

    However, if you want to have a serious relationship with this kind of woman, you must learn how to treat her on a date or during a chat on a dating website, and off-limits topics. Here are the explanations of vital things to know before dating her.

    Understand what transsexuality is to avoid misunderstandings with her

    Before you date a transgender woman, first research the meaning of the word transsexual. That’s a person whose original gender has changed or is the opposite of what they were at birth. They feel they are women and like you to identify them as women. Most trans women openly admit they are transgender on a date.

    So if you are attracted to a transsexual woman, accept that she is a woman. Another thing you should know is that trans women can choose to see themselves as bisexual or lesbian, so they can date anyone they wish to date.

    Two transgender girls looking for love

    Meeting a transgender woman does not make you Gay

    Dating a trans woman is more like dating any other woman since her femininity is what draw you to her. A transgender woman is not a man. She is a woman irrespective of her genitalia. Therefore, being attracted to a transgender woman does not make you gay or bisexual.

    Don’t be confused about sexuality and gender. Sexuality is what you inherit by birth, but you can change your gender. It depends on what you strongly feel you are. In most cases, it is the opposite of what you were assigned at birth. If you like a transgender woman who is yet to have sex reassignment surgery, but only on hormones replacing medical care, she will still have her male genitalia.

    You should also be aware that not all transgender women go for surgery. Love her the way she is, you are not gay. You fell in love with her feminine body, not because she is a transgender.

    Don’t be too fixated on her transition

    Don’t ask questions that show you attach so much to her being transgender. Relate with her the way you would, if she were a straight woman. Don’t ask her if she is non-op, pre-op, or post-op. Wanting to know those intimate things that are personal to her is off-limits.

    Don’t as ask her offensive questions, treat her like a thing for experiment. She is human and has emotions like a cisgender woman.

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